Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Born today 9 July 1819 in Spencer, Massachusetts was Elias Howe the inventor of the sewing machine.

On this day 9 July 1962 there was a tornado, which cut a path from Chester,VT to Weathersfield, VT a distance of 16 miles. [today in Vermont we are at the end of heat wave, high today has been 86, with heavy rain and thunder showers spreading over the area]

Also today in 1793 Vermont State finished revisions to its constitution. It became the first state out law slavery. [today a man was being held by the U.S. Secret Service in Burlington for trying to pass counterfeit money, and 1000+ people were in Randolph to morn the passing of 12 year old Brooke Bennett who was killed by her Uncle 2 weeks ago]

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